Adh. tape with logo


Semi-automatic central impression flexographic machine for 3 colors printing on adhesive tape, the tape cutting and rewinding in preset widths and lengths.

Capable to print on: PVC and BOPP adhesive tape. 

It operates with three printing stations, two additional stations for priming/release, slitting system. 

Two priming/release stations are used for coating before printing for better adhesion of paint and film and for covering with protection varnish after printing to save printed logo on the surface. 

Priming station can be replaced by Corona treatment on tape surface. Corona treatment lets to reduce production costs. Corona discharge block CR1-200 is inbuilt in body frame of the machine. 

Slitting system lets to cut printed material before starting the rewinding process by means of the razor blades (two blades are included in the standard kit). 

Planetary-type printing station is one of the main units of FGM-04. It consists of chrome-plated central impression drum, three flexographic rolls for type-plate gluing, anilox rolls to transfer paint to type-plate, trays for paint. 

Working cycle setting of JR, unwinding, priming or Corona treatment, intensive drying of coating (in case of priming), printing by 1-2-3 colors, intensive drying, covering with protective varnish, intensive drying, cutting to 50 mm/75mm and rewinding of the tape, slowing down and turning automatically when the preset length is reached.

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Parameters Values
Number of printing colors 3
Automatic double-head rewinding system with preset length of roll Yes
Printing system with central impression drum Yes
System of heating of central impression drum Yes
Slitting system with width measuring Yes
Hot air drying tunnels with electric resistors 3 pcs
Motor fans in ventilation system 3 pcs
Suction fans in exhaust system 2 pcs
Printing length 150-200, 200-250, 250-300, 300-350, 350-400 mm
Maximum width of jumbo roll 150 mm
Maximum diameter of jumbo roll 400 mm
Max speed (manual control by inverter) 0-200 m/min
Productivity per month under condition of 24 hours work per day Up to 110000 (Length rolls 66m) pcs
Jumbo roll core internal diameter 76 mm
Finished roll core internal diameter 76 mm
Anilox rolls diameter 70 mm
Number of anilox rolls 3 pcs
Basic air pressure 5±0,5 atm
Average air consumption 80…350 l/min
Main supply voltage 380±10%V, 3 phases, 50 Hz
Max power consumption 10 kWt
Power consumption with Corona discharge block 14.2 kWt
Dimension, L*W*H 3070*920*1720 mm
  • Standard complete set
    • 3 printing stations
    • Priming station or Corona
    • Release station
    • Slitting system
  • Additional complete set
    1. Printing roll:
    • Printing length 200mm - 250mm;
    • Printing length 250mm - 300mm;
    • Printing length 300mm - 350mm;
    • Printing length 350mm - 400mm.

    2. Corona discharge block