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Paper core making machines

Paper core making machines are used for manufacture cardboard core (tube) in spiral winding way. Can be produced standard size or clients size, different lengths and diameters.
Cardboard, paper, films, foil, adhesive tapes, textile, linoleum, floor coverings, carpets and other rolled materials can be winded on cardboard core. Also they may be used as food and gift package.

Line for production of cardboard core consists of winding unit, cutting unit, glue unit and unwinding unit.

Winding unit is used to form a cardboard core by spirally coiling layers of cardboard on the metal shaft.

Cutting unit is designed for cutting coiled cardboard core with knives. Can be used as a separate unit or built-in line.

Glue unit provides the application of glue on cardboard layers to stick them together.

Unwinding unit is needed for  fixing and unwinding of layers of cardboard. Usually it is made in form of a racks or as a cross system of unwinding.

Class-Engineering designs and produces core making equipment conforming to European quality. Also Class Engineering can supply such type of equipment from other countries.

Paper core