Paper core


The machine is used as a part of paper core manufacturing lines and provides high accuracy cutting of the core with the specified length.
A servodrive that moves the blade carriage ensures high speed cutting and high accuracy of the core length (±1 mm).
A servodrive that presses the blades ensures automatic positioning of the blades and their penetration speed control in dependence of internal diameter and wall thickness of the core.
A touch control panel with improved interface ensures easy setup of the machine operating mode.
Automatic speed synchronization of cutting and rewinding blocks.
Improved paper core fixing system

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Parameters Values
Internal diameter of cut paper core more than 20 mm
External diameter of cut paper core Up to 230 mm
Core cutting length More than 180 mm
Wall thickness of cut paper core 2 ÷ 15 mm
Cutting accuracy ± 1 mm
Axial height 1250 ± 50 mm
Productivity Up to 40 cycles/min
Weight 1000 kg
Overall dimensions (L × W × H) 1630 × 1390 × 1561 mm
  • Standard complete set

    •        Servomotor for incremental feed knife
    •        Servomotor to move the carriage
    •        Gear motor for rotating knife
    •        Disk Knife D = 150mm, d = 70mm, T = 3mm
    •        System of determination of the linear speed of  paper core feed
    •        Equipment for cutting paper core (customer diameter)
    •        Touch control panel
    •        PLC-controller to preset parameters of cutting

  • Additional complete set

    PR Table for cut cores (optional)