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Automatic machine PSF-011M for polyethylene film rewinding is intended for rewinding of PE and PVC stretch film from a roll to another one with specified length or weight. High productivity and low cost made the automatic rewinding machine PSF-011M the most popular model for customers from all over the world.

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e-mail: claudio.trovo@libero.it

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e-mail: info@parabola.su

Parameters Values
Film thickness 5…30 mkm
Mechanical speed 1600 m/min
Rewinding speed 5560 rpm
Rewinding inaccuracy regardless of rewinding length ± 1.0 m
Rewinding length Up to 1500 m
Finished roll diameter, at most 240 mm
Jumbo roll diameter, at most 450 mm
Cycle time to rewind 200 m at the speed of 1600 m/min 10 sec
Jumbo roll core width 320…550 mm
Jumbo roll film width 300…500 mm
Finished roll core width 320…550 mm
Finished roll film width 300…500 mm
Internal diameter of jumbo roll core 50, 76, 152 mm
Internal diameter of finished roll core 38; 50; 76 mm
Minimal wall thickness of core:
- for core with internal diameter of 38 mm 3.5 mm
- for core with internal diameter of 50 mm 5 mm
- for core with internal diameter of 76 mm 8 mm
Core hopper for 50 mm cores Up to 75 pcs
Compressed air pressure 7…10 bar
Average air consumption, at most 250 l/min
Ambient temperature +10…+35 ºС
Supply voltage 380V, 50Hz
Power consumption, at most 4.8 kWh
Overall dimensions (without control panel), at most:
a. - depth 1740 mm
b. - width 1280 mm
c. - height 1600 mm
Control panel overall dimensions, at most:
a. - depth 540 mm
b. - width 770 mm
c. - height 990 mm
Monthly productivity (24 operating hours a day) Up to 180 tons
Net weight of PSF-011M, at most 785 kg
Net weight of PSF-011M with control panel, at most 855 kg
  • Standard complete set
     - Operate in any language 
     - Reverse rewinding
     - Monitor finished rolls quantity and those left to rewind
     - Stop the machine at the set time or after the set number of finished rolls
  • Additional complete set
     - Weighting system WS-2
     - Additional pulley for alteration of film tension
     - Finished rolls table
     - Film torn/over sensor
     - Jumbo roll over sensor
     - Additional soundproof cover