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The machines are designed for hand and machine winding stretch film and etc. The output up to 20 tons per month is guaranteed. The machine has proved its reliability for many years of use. We recommend the winders when starting stretch film business and gaining. 

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Parameters Values
Maximal diameter of jumbo roll, at most 450 mm
Maximal diameter of finished roll, at most 150 mm
Internal diameter of jumbo roll core 50, 76 mm
Internal diameter of finished roll core 30, 38, 50, 76 mm
Maximal width of jumbo roll, at most 520 mm
Width of finished roll 520 mm
Maximal mechanical speed 200 m/min
Rewinding inaccuracy regardless of rewinding length ±1,0 m
Minimal wall thickness of core:
– for core with internal diameter of 30, 38 mm; 3,5 mm
– for core with internal diameter of 50 mm 5,0 mm
– for core with internal diameter of 76 mm; 8,0 mm
Compressed air pressure 7…10 bar
Air consumption, at most 20 l/min
Power consumption, at most 10 kWh
Ambient temperature +10…+35 ºС
Supply voltage 220V±10%, 50 Hz
Overall dimensions, at most:
a. - depth; 720 mm
b. - width; 1034 mm
c. - height; 516 mm
Monthly productivity (24 operating hours a day) 20 tons
Weight, at most 90 kg
  • Standard complete set
    Features of the new model MR-500:
     - low cost of the equipment
     - ease of maintenance
     - low-skilled staff
     - compact dimensions
     - comfortable ergonomics
     - able for a used core
     - table frame construction
  • Additional complete set
     - Equipment for winding on core with internal diameter 30, 38, 76 mm 
     - Auxiliary table