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Prestretch is the process that allows stretch film to be stretched before being applied to a load. Finished product thickness depends of raw material and could be only 5 µm - 6 µm, Still keep some power and tear resistance, enough for packaging. In case of the pre stretch, less film is required to wrap a pallet than in case of any standard products. As much lower quantities of the product are used to wrap the load, this provides for substantial financial savings and possibility to calculate film consumption per month, for example. The main advantage of the machine is pre stretch effect while winding. According to technical tasks film tension may reach 400%. The machine enables stable work and average output of 50 ton per month. It is the best choice for getting hand and machine pre stretch film rolls. 
Pre-stretch rewinder technology allows to use thin wall paper cores, which reduces cost of final products and transportation.
One more advantage of pre-stretched film rewinder is less garbage after using film, because the weight of pre stretched  film in several times less than standard film.
Our company offers high-performance, reliable machine with easy electronic tension adjustment and 2 stages pre stretch rewinder system, which allows to reach maximum possible speed for your material.

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Parameters Values
Film thickness 5…30 mkm
Mechanical speed 1200 m/min
Rewinding speed 3340 rpm
Tolerance of rewinding length 1.0 m
Finished roll diameter, at most 250 mm
Jumbo roll diameter, at most 500 mm
Jumbo roll core width 320…550 mm
Jumbo roll film width 300…500 mm
Finished roll core width 320…550 mm
Finished roll film width 300…500 mm
Internal diameter of jumbo roll core 76; 152 mm
Internal diameter of finished roll core 50; 76 mm
Core hopper for 50 mm cores Up to 55 pcs
Compressed air pressure 7…10 bar
Standard air consumption, at most 750 l/min
Ambient temperature +10…+35 ºС
Supply voltage 380V, 50Hz
Power consumption, at most 12 kWh
Overall dimensions (without control panel), at most:
a. - depth; 2430 mm
b. - width; 1210 mm
c. - height; 1450 mm
Control panel overall dimensions, at most:
a. - depth; 670 mm
b. - width; 1000 mm
c. - height; 970 mm
Monthly productivity (24 operating hours a day) Up to 50 tons
Net weight of PSF PRE-STRETCH 250, at most 1130 kg
Net weight of PSF PRE-STRETCH 250 with control panel, at most 1200 kg
  • Standard complete set

    Additional features:
     - The system of tucking the edge improves the strength characteristics of the finished roll
     - The forced aeration APIS can get rolls of varying winding density
     - The system of additional shafts reduces radial load on a cardboard core

    Machine software allows to:
     - Operate in any language
     - Monitor finished rolls quantity and those left to rewind
     - Stop the machine at the set time or after the set number of finished rolls

    Main features:
     - Easy loading
     - Intuitive controls
     - Reliable pre-stretch unit
     - Ergonomic design
     - Fast setup

  • Additional complete set
     - Weighting system for film rewinding by weight WS-2  
     - Table for end rolls