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SAR is semi-automatic slitting and rewinding machine for stretch film.  It slits film into 2 and more of webs. This  semi-automatic rewinder for stretch film is available in two variants:  SAR-600 (600 mm - max working width) and SAR-1000 (1000 mm - max working width).
It is compact and easy in usage rewinding machine which can be applied for different types of film: PE and PVC stretch film, PP, HDPE, LDPE, shrink film, etc.  
Reliability and reasonable cost makes this stretch film slitter-rewinder is ideal for manufacturers who process small volumes of material. 
Main advantages:  Simple control / Reliability/ Longitudinal web cutting/Possibility to use for hand, machine, mini rolls. 

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Parameters Values
Maximal diameter of jumbo roll, max. 450 mm
Maximal diameter of finished roll, max. 250 mm
Finished roll diameter (turret type), max. 150 mm
Internal diameter of jumbo roll core 76 mm
Internal diameter of finished roll core 25, 30, 38, 50, 76 mm
Maximal width of jumbo roll, max. 600/1000 mm
Width of finished roll up to 600/1000 mm
Maximal mechanical speed 500 m/min
Rewinding speed 1400 rpm
Tolerance of rewinding lengh ± 1.0 m
Minimal wall thickness of core:
- for ID 25 mm; 2 mm
- for ID 30, 38 mm; 3.5 mm
- for ID 50 mm; 5 mm
- for ID 76 mm; 8 mm
Compressed air pressure 7…10 bar
Air consumption, max. 50 l/min
Power consumption, max. 1.0 kWh
Ambient temperature +10…+35º С
Supply voltage 220V, 50Hz
Overall dimensions, max.:
a. - depth; 1280 mm
b. - width; 1095/1495 mm
c. - height. 1238 mm
Monthly productivity (24 operating hours a day) Up to 50 tons
Weight, max. 250/320 kg
  • Standard complete set
    - Standard complete set allows rewinding stretch film from roll-to -roll
    - Complete A enables to rewind stretch film with slitting on 2 webs
    - Complete B includes turret type of winding with an opportunity to rewind stretch film with slitting on two webs. 

    - Standard complete set enables to rewind stretch film with slitting on 2 webs
    - Complete A enables to rewind stretch film with slitting on 3 webs
    - Complete B enables to rewind stretch film with slitting on 4 webs
  • Additional complete set
    - Equipment for winding on core with internal diameter from 25 to 76 mm 
    - Device for slitting into 2-4 webs 
    - Device for rewinding of BOPP, PVC film
    - Device for coreless rewinding of sleeve for baking, silicon paper