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About us

Design Department 

Basic principles of our Design department are precise calculations and careful studies in course of design of each model of machinery. We pay special attention to decrease of power consumption, pollution of environment.  Our equipment is continuously improved in accordance with new scientific researches in high-tech sphere. 

Machining Department

Our Machining department is equipped with high-technological machines for metal processing and thermal treatment. Plasma-arc cutting, turning, milling, bending and polishing machines let to produce high quality spare parts for our machinery accordance with world standards.

Supply Department 

Every component in our equipment passes test control. It insures of fail-safe functional operation during its whole life-time. Reliability of our equipment is ensured by careful selection of spare parts supplied by global manufactures from Italy, Germany and Japan.

Assembly Department 

Assembly of our equipment is performed by high skilled personnel. Implementation of advanced technologies in the process of assembly allows designing machinery which meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.

Quality Control Department 

Quality control is made at each stage of production of machinery:  after mechanical processing, thermal treatment, installation of main components and final assembly. Special attention is given to acceptance tests of machinery before shipment to a customer.