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We provide our customers with high level of professional technical support and complete after-sale service. 

Our support service is available for every customer even without as expert in machinery. Possibility of online access to any machine’s PLC lets us to determine the problem and instruct your personnel on possible solutions. 

Our qualified Service Technicians are always ready to: 
- install the machine; 
- help in planning of an effective production process; 
- train your operators in safe operation and maintenance of rewinders; 
- work side-by-side with your operators during maintenance and testing of the machinery; 
- provide 24/7 service support via direct phone access. 

In cooperation with our customers we try to find all possible efficient ways to increase output from each machine we supplied.

Our Technical Hotline Team is always ready to: 
-  assist you to adjust the equipment, to detect and repair break-downs; 
-  answer your technical questions regarding installations and warranty obligations, etc. 

Please have the following information about the machine available when you call: 
- Name of the Model of machine; 
- Serial number of the machine. 

You can contact our Technical Services Department by tel.: +7 812 702 18 96 or by email: