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Since its foundation in 2003, CLASS-ENGINEERING has been working оn design, production and improvement of equipment for rewinding and slitting of different roll materials, printing of logo оn adhesive materials, cutting of paper сorе.

Today CLASS-ENGINEERING is the leading company in the world in design and production of high-speed rewinders for PE/PVC stretch film and other roll materials. We produce the high-tech machinery, which is characterized bу low level of power consumption and pollution of environment as well as bу the low rate of waste production.Cooperation together with our partners in Europe, South America, Near East and Asia provides the best complex of solutions for our customers with various demands.

CLASS-ENGINEERING gives our customers with 24/7 technical support which helps to eliminate or avoid production process pause and reach scheduled productivity.

company Departments
Design Department

The basis of our approach to designing equipment is a simple goal – optimization of the technological processes that determine the winding cycle time.

It is no secret that equipment productivity depends on the duration of the winding cycle. Our rational approach to machine design produced a compact arrangement of units and equipment assemblies and,as a consequence, let us achieve high performance rates.

Our designers modernize the equipment in accordance with the latest scientific findings in the high-tech field; the technological approach to designing equipment allowed us to significantly decrease excessmass in assemblies, to reduce power consumption and to pay special attention to minimizing production waste. The above makes our equipment truly ergonomic and completely safe.

Quality Control Department

Uninterrupted equipment operation is our goal, and therefore quality control is carried out at each stage of product creation – particular attention is paid to tests performed before the equipment is shipped to the customer. Tests are run with the customer’s raw materials, which helps eliminate production downtime by the client.

Analysis and evaluation aimed at constant improvement of the components are the main functions of the Quality Control Department.

The reliability of our equipment is achieved through careful selection of spare parts, supplied by global manufacturers from Italy, Germany and Japan. Each component of our machinery passes an acceptance test, which ensures regular and safe functionality throughout the whole equipment life cycle.

Assembly Department

Assembly is the crucial stage in equipment creation, requiring proper process organization and highly qualified personnel. The design of our equipment covers the future methods and stages of the product’s installation.

Our process of equipment assembly is thought out stage by stage and is performed by highly qualified specialists of their field (engineers, mechanics, electricians…). The implementation of advanced technologies in the assembly process allows us to design equipment in compliance with the New Approach EU directives and the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Therefore we are confident that we are capable of meeting high requirements for our knowledge and skill in the fields of innovations, quality, safety, and equipment efficiency.

Service Department

In addition to the quality and reliability of our equipment, you can count on our high level of service and modern technical support throughout the whole product service life.

The team of the Service Department at CLASS-ENGINEERING is formed from highly qualified personnel ready to promptly address and handle any of your tasks. The support service will assist customers with any level of training – we have the means of connecting to equipment online and can quickly determine the condition of the machine, identify the problem and offer possible solutions in order to prevent production downtimes.